September 27, 2011


Posted by Lori~

You got to fight..for the negotiate.  That’s right WOMS!  Ethne and I strongly believe in the fact that the price isn’t always the price.

Remember my patio umbrella.  That’s right…a simple negotiation (pointing out a flaw in the umbrella pole) and I was able to get the umbrella for $30.00 (and not the original $90.00.

Or recently…Ethne went shopping at Target—WE LOVE TARGET!  And was able to talk her way down to a 10% off savings because their was a slight flaw in the sweater.  Perfect for Ethne and a perfect price.

And you may have noticed in several of my wom-mom posts that I had a dining room table with a HORRIBLE top.  That’s right—since day one of purchasing it…we have had trouble.  The veneer has been peeling away with scratch and imperfection after imperfection.  Luckily we had purchased a furniture warranty, but of course were told that the accumulative damage was not covered.  And so, no new table for us!

UN-EXCEPTABLE!  I made the call, I begged, I pleaded, I argued…and finally I had a manager on the phone that took my complaint seriously.  Guess what—new table.  No cost to us. 

We did end up purchasing a piece of glass for the top.  This peeling veneer will not be our problem.  And I am currently negotiating with the glass delivery company for a refund (I won’t get into the details), but trust me—YOU GOT FIGHT!  FOR THE RIGHT!  TO NEGOTIATE!

Decision DONE!

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