September 13, 2011

TUESDAYS AT NOON: Lori on….”my” identity

 Posted by Lori~

I work in student affairs at a college in my little city, ND town.  It’s a fabulous job that is interesting and new each and every day.  And the best part is that I get to work with college students.  HOW FUN—RIGHT!

Recently my supervisor pulled together a retreat and asked us to create a leader identity bag.  You see…this bag is supposed to tell your friends, family, co-workers all about you. 

First up—the outside of the bag was supposed to identify things people would “already know” about me.  That was simple:

My bag is green!
There are several things I LOVE and things that I care about.  I selected my green hand-made grocery bag as my bag of choice to represent my love of crafts.  I pinned on a wom-mom business card.  Ethne and I adore our blog and love the chance chit-chat and create!  I pinned on a dog tag from Roger whom I adore.  My puppy is the BEST DOG…KIND OF ACTS LIKE A CAT, BUT IS ACTUALLY A DOG.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

I also pinned on a wine charm.  Yes, I love a good glass of wine—in moderation of course!

I included a photo of my family…Mur-Man, Steve, and my extended family are near and dear to my heart.  And lastly, I pinned on…!  Of course…thriftiness is necessary!

Next up—the inside of the bag is supposed to represent things that people may not know about you.  This had me thinking and thinking hard.  I tend to think that I am an open book, but there are things that I don’t verbalize continually.

I selected a key chain from my alma mater.  This key chain I have carried with me since my graduation and it represents my love for college, my love of student life—it started here, and my desire and need to help students succeed like I did.  This is my mission and I hope to one day help Mur-Man succeed and do great things.

I selected Mur-Man’s birth announcement because of its creativity.  Steve and I are not typical Christmas card mailers…we like to try to add some creativity to anything and everything we do and send.  I LOVE CREATIVITY!  I FELL IN LOVE WITH MY HUSBAND’S CREATIVITY!

I selected a box of Kleenex because I am emotional.  I believe that if you truly care and you cry it is OK.  And boy do I cry—ask Ethne!

I selected a toy car.  A good friend of mine recently taught me how a car is like friendship—we all need four solid wheels to keep driving.  And I love the friends I have that represent those wheels.  Friends are IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY!  Cherish them…I do!

Lastly, I selected Laughy Taffy.  I LOVE TO laugh and have a great time.  But I also see the importance of stretching and expanding—helping others. 

That’s me in a nutshell…cool activity!  It required me to think about “me”.  TOTALLY WOM-WORTHY!

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