September 28, 2011


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Well, it’s come to my attention that there is a world wide web full of felt food ideas out there.  Wow, what fun!  This site had the mother-load of felt food links.
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The site above had this food pictured

KD and Easy Mac have a birthday coming up, as in this weekend. Shaun and I haven’t gotten them birthday presents (besides books, pint-size Barbies and an airplane - KD request) because I straight-up didn’t know what to get them.  They don’t need toys FOR SURE (besides aforementioned specific requests that cost $3-$8).  But, I thought they might like some play food to use with their stove and cooking utensils.  I thought of this Monday.

KD & Easy Mac with Grandpa Paul last
year - 3rd birthday was all PRINCESS!

So it will be a race to the finish to see if I can make the girls some felt food in time for their birthday.  I’m cutting it close because we have our first two celebrations this Saturday and Sunday, and then another the Saturday after that.  Holy cow!

And I’m also making the cake and decorations for the parties too. 

How does a girl squeeze it all in?

One: I wrangle in my new sister-in-law Mel – she’s going to bring some food over for our birthday dinner to go along with the lasagna I’m making (her hubby Rich is running in the Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday, which I’d say makes him insane because Ethne + Exercise = Not Gonna Happen).  [In a stroke of brilliance, I decided to serve ice cream cones for dessert – no prep!]  My goal: make felt lasagna for the girls’ gift to go along with our dinner.

Rich, Mel and me

Two: I wrangle Mel into helping me frost the giant cupcake birthday cake for the girls’ party on Sunday, which will be with Shaun’s family. Naturally I think that a felt birthday cake should go along with the real cupcake birthday cake.  My goal: fake and real birthday cakes.  I’d also like to see if I could whip up another ‘meal’ of felt food, but we’ll see.  Birthday cake/cupcakes might be all I can squeeze in.
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Check this site for this cake

Three: My best go-to relief pitcher of all – BFF Lori!  Lori’s planning on making a felt meal for the girls for their gift from Aunt Lori, Uncle Steve and Mur-Man.  They’ll be coming next week so it’ll be in time for the party on the 8th.

Lori, Steve and Mur-Man came to Whit & Bryan's
wedding in Iowa last year.

Four: My Mom and sis Whit will be helping with lots of the food and cake stuff for the party on the 8th with my family (coinciding with Whit’s Master’s graduation), so I’m sure with that help, I can squeeze in some more felt food – perhaps a farmer’s basket of fruits and veggies or a ‘can’ of chicken noodle soup.

Maybe we should have s'mores instead of cake Whit?

After this, I definitely plan on making some more felt holiday ‘meals’ as the holidays approach.  The girls would totally love to play along and cook as they cook with me.  At least in my mind they will.  Their pretend play has gotten more detail-oriented lately, so real-looking play food should be right up their alley.
O.M.G. - one of our fave blogs: Smashed Peas & Carrots
made this beauty

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