September 27, 2011

TUESDAY AT NOON: Ethne on...missing diamonds!

Posted by Ethne~

I’m so mad at myself.

Sometime, somehow, I lost my diamond stud earrings from Shaun.  They were the first gift he ever gave me (my birthday in 2001) right after we started dating.  Obviously they have sentimental value.

I think they got lost in our couch.  I’m going to have to cut open the under lining to see.  Otherwise they could’ve been vacuumed up in which case bye-bye forever.  I possibly just misplaced them, but I’ve checked all the likely spots and NOTHING.

I love my Shaun!

They will obviously need to be replaced (this is a need, not a want Friends) but they won’t be the EXACT SAME 3.3 billion-year-old carbon allotrope crystals Shaun gave me ten years ago.  I remember opening that box like it was yesterday.

Alas, we’ll see what Christmas brings.  Or maybe I’ll rent a metal detector.  Have any of you lost something sentimental?  Did you find it?  Where else should I look?


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Katherine said...

Good luck! I lost one earring the day after I lost it, fell asleep on the floor when I was pregnant, and somehow it was gone when I woke up. Presumably it had actually disappeared somewhere along the line before I fell asleep, but still! I looked for that stupid thing for three years, thinking it would HAVE to turn up at some point, but we moved and it never did! Maybe I should have cut open my couch? Good luck!