September 7, 2011


Posted by Lori~

Just today…I hit my little city, ND thrift store to track down some finds!  Honestly, I wasn’t on a mission to find a Halloween costume for my Mur-Man, but when I walked in it was calling me.

I found a monkey costume for $2.99—that’s right!  It was in mint condition, had all its parts, and was the perfect size!

Checking out his reflection in the mirror!

$2.99—I AM SOLD!  WOMS—now is the time to start shopping for Halloween and don’t just hit your local retail stores (and pay full price or even reduced price).  Consider thrift stores, garage sales, and even websites (like E-Bay).

Mur-Man of course (not so willingly) took the costume for a test drive!  What can I say—ADORABLE!

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