September 27, 2011


Posted by Ethne~

Shaun and I have our condo on the market for sale, so we need it showing-ready (we have asked for 24-hour notice to clean up the kid clutter) so our viewers can see it looking nice and envision themselves living here. 

I put together a vase (from our wedding – time to use it!) with a flower/feather arrangement for the mantle, having taken down the personal photos.  I am CLEARLY not an interior decorator.  I know what I like, but putting that together is hard.  I decided I didn’t wanted to do that again, so I racked my brain for other decorator options for a vase (also from our wedding and first or second time used) on our dining room table.

Lo and behold, I had a rare moment of clarity and thought something up!  Shaun and I collect wine corks for various projects.  He makes wine cork corkboards (which are brilliant BTW) and I’ve made various things like wine cork Christmas garlands and ornaments.  You might see a post about this come December.

Easy Mac took this picture!

I filled ¾ of my vase full of wine corks.  It looks AWESOME!  And I feel so smart because not only did I think it up and have all of the things I needed, but it was correspondingly THRIFTY!

What THRIFTY d├ęcor have you drummed up Friends?

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