September 20, 2011


 Posted by Lori~

Cold weather has hit ND hard…we have days of heat and days of cold, however that didn’t stop the frost/freezing from hitting during the evenings.

About a week ago Steve and I both decided that it was time to bring my herbs in and save them before they freeze. 

I pulled chives (which got used up immediately—not a large quantity this year) and I pulled my basil plant (huge).  However, I always struggle with what to do with the herbs…I could dry them, but I recently heard about a method of chopping and then freezing them in ice cube trays.

I took the basil leaves and loaded them into my bullet (my dream machine).  From there I added a little water and chopped away.  Once fine…I filled ice cube trays with the basil/water mixture (similar to making baby food).

I popped them out and moved them into a freezer bag.  Perfect for cooking.  Steve and I have already used one basil cube for making fish on the grill—PERFECTION!

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