September 29, 2011


Posted by Lori~

My Mur-Man will be two in a few months and it is amazing the amount of toys he has accumulated.  It is out of control.  Steve and I had a plan that we would keep the main living area clutter free and his toys would stay and play in his room.  YEAH RIGHT!?

Recently…Steve and I were looking at his room and WOW—we couldn’t believe it!  Keep in mind—we feel blessed…lots of high quality toys and books.  And the best thing is that Mur-Man has four sets of grandparents.  That right—FOUR SETS!  Eight grandparents to love and to love him!

Can't find anything.  Too much in a tight space!
We do have a nice finished basement and Steve and I both thought—why not send some toys downstairs for when we are spending time in the basement TV room (it does have the larger flat screen TV).

And so..I went to town.  Dividing, sorting, and organizing by style of toy.

NOTICE:  the giant saved by the bell phone!  FUTURE POST!

Of course, while I was at it…I came across a lot of toys that Mur-Man has outgrown and that will go into storage for baby number two (someday).

So far so good…the clutter has cut down and Mur-Man gets to discover “new” toys every time we switch from the basement to his room.  PERFECTION!

My childhood toy box!  SUPER ORGANIZED!

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