October 1, 2013

I almost literally took just one picture.

Posted by Ethne~

Hello Friends.

The girls’ first Vikings football birthday party happened this weekend.  I took very few pictures.  I’m rubbish.  It was very cute though and I’ll repeat a lot of it for their second party this coming weekend.  I promise to take pictures.

Here’s one of a few of the pictures I took.

It's of sweet Theodore, not even the kids.  To be fair, they hadn't done anything party-related yet.  Not in my favor, however, I could have taken decoration pictures.  He does look cute in his scarf, huh?

In case you’re wondering why in the world my 6-year-old girls are having a football birthday party, it is owing to the following conversation between Shaun and me last year (this is all true):

Me: Honey, let’s have a vampire-themed birthday party for the girls this year.  That would be adorable.

Shaun: No way in hell.

Me:  But it would be so cute.  And their birthday is in October, the month of Halloween, duh.

Shaun:  No way in hell.

Me:  But they like vampires.

Shaun:  They like vampires because you let them watch Twilight which was ridiculous.

Me:  Well, I admit I shouldn’t have, but I didn’t let them watch the end movies, just the first movies.  Plus, the author is Mormon so there’s no sex before marriage.

Shaun:  If they have a vampire birthday party this year, they can have a Vikings birthday party next year and it can’t be just a Twilight birthday party, it has to actually be vampires.

I won.  Sort of.

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