October 24, 2013

Deep Thoughts, by Ethne.

Posted by Ethne~

This is not a regular post.  It’s just what’s at the top of my head.

1.  Just when I had become accustomed to the idea of Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey, that mysteriously falls apart.  If it’s because of the fan backlash, I do have one thing to say – Christian would whip your a$$ for not having the balls to follow through with your decisions.  If it’s because of the reasons they really said (busy schedule, blah blah), oh well, hurry up and find someone new.  Maybe I’ll be right on Cam Gigandet after all.  I dreamt the other night that it was some really obscure actor and even I was in an outrage over it.  Imagine.

2.  KD has been diagnosed as having ADHD.  That explains why you haven’t heard as much from me around here since school started as normal.  We’ve been dealing with her teacher, doctors, assessments, etc.  I’m not really that upset about it as I am glad for having a plan of action.  I know she’s still beautiful, smart, healthy and feisty.  Doing the things to help her calm down and focus will only help the cool KD come out even more. 

3.  Land’s End is KILLING it still with their sales this fall.  I found a pair of MADE IN THE USA jeans for Shaun for $25.  If you’re reading this blog from another country, I’ll explain why that’s worth a mention: we Americans rarely see MADE IN THE USA on our clothing labels anymore.  I also found a $190 down parka for $42.  This is all true.  Still, I wish I was buying a bathing suit.

4.  Shaun’s brother is getting married just after the first of the year.  I’m super excited. I found really cute dresses for the girls at a legit party dress site (with matching Land’s End ballet flats of course).  The reason I’m glad it ended up being legit is that my mother-in-law ended up ordering two dresses from what ended up being some sort of scam site out of China and when the dresses didn’t fit, there was some serious drama about that return/refund process.  BEWARE and READ THE REVIEWS when ordering online – use ebay and Amazon.

4.5.  And speaking of the wedding – on the RSVP card Shaun required me to say that the 4 of us would regretfully decline from attending the wedding “because we anticipate being too hungover from the groom’s dinner. Oops.”  I’m 95% certain no offense will be taken by this response.

5.  The girls were really cute cheerleaders.  Naturally our good camera’s battery died almost instantly.  When I finally download and see what pics Shaun actually got off of it, I’ll put up some of those.  The couple off my phone were a little grainy.  Some mini tramp in an owl hat stole Easy Mac’s pom poms – grrrr.  Easy Mac grabbed one of the varsity cheerleaders and brought her to the rail to talk to me and asked if I could cheer with them.  “No, honey, I’m retired, it’s their job now.”  So cute.

Have a nice day!

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