October 29, 2013


Posted by Lori~

Steve and I spent last week in New Orleans!  It was AMAZING!  I promise to share photos this week.  I am beat...that city is CRAZY!  Let's just say, my only regret is that I didn't go there when I was 21 (versus over 30)!

We got back to ND late Sunday/early Monday!  I am still catching up on sleep.  When we got back, I had to work hard to get Mur-Man's Halloween costume ready.  We went to a Halloween party tonight, so I had added pressure.

Literally, this costume cost me $0.00 (NOTHING)!  Most of it required items that people would already have, and I also crashed my craft stash.  Not bad.

I asked Mur-Man what he wanted to be for Halloween and he said a cookie.  Cute, but we needed to go a little more creative, so I decided to go with a smart cookie.

Here's the steps I took to make the costume:

I took kid sunglasses and popped out the lenses.

Using black electrical tape...I wrapped the glasses.

NERDY, but smart!  ADORABLE!

I let Mur-Man come up with the chocolate chip design.

There's my chip pattern.  I used this shape to cut black fabric chips.  I also used it to cut out wonder-under (or fusible interfacing. 

I then ironed the fabric to the fusible interfacing, cut it out, and then ironed it to the brown cookie fabric. 

I created the cookie shape and also added a bite.  I then sewed the two fabrics together leaving space for stuffing.  I stuffed it and then closed the hole with the sewing machine.

I also sewed black ribbon to attach the two cookies.  
Finally, I used Steve's graduation hat to complete the outfit!  He looks pretty smart--doesn't he?



Faith said...

That is so freaking adorable!!!!

WOM-MOMS said...

Faith....thank you so much!