October 25, 2013


Posted by Lori~

Steve and I spent the weekend north of Duluth on Lake Superior and it was BEAUTIFUL!  

Check-out the view from our cabin back deck!  That's Lake Superior!
We were so thankful to be there for Ann and Ben's wedding!  

The wedding was amazing, and Ann went crazy with the decor and the crafting!  I LOVED IT! 
Ann made bouquets out of broaches.   They weighed a TON, but were beautiful.

They had an amazing candy buffet.  Ann used a wood burner to create all the signage.  It was AWESOME!

Ann created all the corsages.

Instead of cake they served pie, from the famous Betty's Pies (which is a local hot spot).

Here's a wide-shot of the reception hall.

Instead of a unity candle--they created a wooden time-capsule (complete with love letters to each other as well as a bottle of wine that will age for five years). 
We were asked to create a note.

The centerpieces were amazing!
Thank you Ann and Ben for the amazing time! 

PS:  They had karaoke!  PERFECT FOR STEVE AND I!

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