October 14, 2013

KD and Easy Mac - Just Like Mommy.

Posted by Ethne~

Dudes, it is so exciting. 

My girls took a cheerleading clinic this weekend with the cheerleaders from our town’s high school.  And they get to cheer Wednesday at the varsity football game (not Friday because it’s teacher’s convention week and they are gone).

KD and Easy Mac are on the right wearing dark pants and white socks.

Is that so cute or what?  Naturally they're sitting by the big-time HS cheerleader. :)

Naturally it’s all I’ve been talking about.  Dad and Mom Connie were here this weekend.  We decided that, like being a former president, being a former cheerleader is the same thing.  You’re ALWAYS a cheerleader (or president), you just don’t SERVE anymore.  So now I tell the girls I’m a retired cheerleader.  (BFF’s Lori, Steph, Grizz, Slags and my sis Whit all cheered with me.  I run with some very foxy retirees, my Friends.)

Lori and I are on the left; Grizz is 3rd from the right.

When I dropped them off at the clinic, they said, “Mommy, should we tell them you are a retired cheerleader?”  “Yes, great idea,” said I.

I also YouTube researched the how-to for making those ENORMOUS cheerleading bows.  You know there will be a tutorial on that, my Friends.

Till then, Rah Rah!  Um Ya Ya!

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