May 19, 2013


Posted by Lori~

What if I told you that my girlfriend and WOM-MOM follower Shelley went to Big K (aka K-Mart) in my little city, ND town and spent 34 cents on this:

NOT KIDDING!  K-Mart in my little city, ND town is closing and today was the last day it was open.  This morning it was at 90% off everything and I was there (and I spent just over $20.00 with huge savings).  But by later in the day, it was at 99.9% off.  Shelley's bill was supposed to be over $250.00!  Her total savings were $251.34 and here's the receipt to prove it!

Not good news for the people that lost jobs, but the savings WERE CRAZY!!!!  Better than a garage sale and even better--the items were brand new!

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