May 27, 2013


Posted by Lori~

Wow!  What a whirlwind weekend!  My nephew Jordan graduated from high school.  We planned and threw the party, attended graduation, and even volunteered at Operation Graduation (the after grad party thrown by the parents).  I AM EXHAUSTED and promise tomorrow to have a photo update from all the festivities.

But first, I wanted to show you the cupcakes for the party courtesy of Pinterest!  And they turned out adorable!

You take mini peanut butter cups and small squares of chocolate.

Attach them using frosting or melted chocolate.

Use rope licorice and a M & M to make the tassel.

Frost your cupcakes!


Jordan (the graduate)!


Granat said...

Wow! Time has gone fast. I can not believe he graduated! It really makes us seem old.


WOM-MOMS said...

I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT EITHER! Tell me about feeling old!