June 2, 2013

TOGETHER AGAIN ~ Girls Weekend in Fargo!!

Posted by Lori~

Get in!  Get Sexy!  Get it DONE!  That was our "theme" for the weekend.  And boy did we, GET IT DONE!

First up, thank you Steve for planning this girl's weekend for me.  You see, Steve was away in China (and just arrived back today), and for my birthday present he gathered my BFFs for a weekend in Fargo.  And, it was jam-packed.  And the best part was that Ethne drove in from Big City, MN!  We had a BLAST and drank several dirty, dirty, dirty (lots of olive juice) martinis.

Our first stop was the Eco Chic Junk Fest--filled with crafts and re-purposed furniture.  
Check-out this adorable magnetic board made with a stove burner cover.  Ethne and I think we will make one! 

Laura, Ethne, and Karla at Eco-Chic!

LOVE THIS PHOTO!  And notice behind us that you can "shop in the horse trailer"

We had our nails done here...the outside (including the car) were a little sketchy!

But the mani's and pedi's were AWESOME!

We had dinner at the Ho Do and the food was delicious!  Check it out:

And, check out those martinis!
Girl's weekends are the BEST!  LOVE THEM!  Soon enough, Ethne and I will be "together again" for yet ANOTHER GIRL'S WEEKEND!  Can't wait!

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