May 6, 2013


Posted by Lori

As you know here, Ethne and I have been watching the coverage of the Jodi Arias trial religiously. Basically from the beginning...this has to be one of the longest trials so far (longer than OJ and longer than Casey Anthony). I am not really sure why it has taken SO LONG, except that the defense really took their time. Jodi was on the stand for 14 days and the jury (the poor jury) got to sit through her ENTIRE life story.  How was it all relevant? Why weren't there objections?  However, this is a death penalty case.  The judge doesn't want to make any mistakes and doesn't want anything to get overturned in an appeal.

Ethne and I are now on verdit watch.  It went to the jury on Friday and they had just over one hour to deliberate.  I believe it will come-in on Tuesday, however Steve seems to think it will happen on Monday.

I would be VERY SURPRISED if she is not found guilty of first degree murder. All the steps leading up to the murder scream pre-meditation. Here's a brief overview of what the prosecution claims she did and justifies the charge of first degree murder: Jodi rents a car to go on a road trip because it is "cheaper" than driving her own vehicle (really????  If you own a vehicle, why would you do this?), Jodi fills up three gas cans with fuel and drives cross country with them in the trunk, because she says gas is "cheaper" out of state (I personally would not drive through the dessert with gas in my trunk), Jodi never uses her cell phone when she crosses into the state where the murder took place, Jodi gets a dye job so people will not recognize her, Jodi uses a gun during the murder that just happens to be the same type of gun that was recently stolen from her grandparent's house, and the list continues....

Steve and I were talking today and he feels she will be found guilty of first degree murder and I agree. Being put to death is another story.

Ethne will have her phone instant text the minute the verdict is in and we will of course instant WOM-MOM. Stay tuned.

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