May 10, 2013


Posted by Lori~

While in college, I spent my summer back home in Williston, ND.  I loved that time.  The only major disappointment (which would have made the summers even better) was the fact that Ethne's family had moved away, and so Ethne was never there during the summer. However, those of us that were there spent our summers working (part-time), rollerblading all over town, and lounging in our friend Codi's pool.  IT WAS AWESOME.  Life was so easy back then!

One of my summer jobs was working at a museum in Williston.  It was a smaller version of a frontier village (you see these all over the country with landmarks from the town placed in a mini-city).  It was a great job!

I was almost done working there, and the museum was planning to get rid of this China Hutch.  I was actually able to snag it for $5.00!  Mom and Dad were nice enough to store it for me through college. 

And now, it sits in my dining room.  I have plans for this hutch.  Plans to sand the inside down and either repaint, wall paper, gold/silver leaf, etc.  The list goes on AND on.    Overall it is in really good shape (it has good bones).  It just needs a little TLC.

But in the mean-time it was time to do a mini-upgrade and go THROUGH everything.  WOW...I HAD A LOT OF STUFF JAMMED INTO THAT HUTCH.

One junk drawer crammed FULL TO THE MAX!
The hutch also featured this awesome old contact paper. I was able to peel it problem!

I used left-over drawer liner from the kitchen project.

Much better, but not perfect.  I like to keep a few useful tools on the main floor of the house. 

My grandma's china.
Wow...I got rid of a LOT of stuff!  Much more organized!

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