May 16, 2013

2013 Fairy Garden Reveal!

Posted by Ethne~

Friends, I can finally reveal the girls’ fairy gardens!! (Since it’s finally been nice enough to do them.) 

I found the darling miniature plants for $2.99 at Bachman’s, our local higher-end greenhouse (I tried Home Depot first since I’m kinda loyal, but no dice).  The pine-tree-esque rosemary plants will be perfect – those were $3.49.

I got each girl a new fairy accessory – KD got a teeny watering can to go with her vegetable garden.  Easy Mac got a pennant banner to make her fairy’s flower garden a party.  Those were about $5 apiece.

The clay for the veggies, white picket fence, wee pink tiles for Emma’s patio (not finished yet and missing its bench) and fake flowering shrubs were from Michael’s, all for around $20 (most stuff was on clearance and less than $2 individually).

When I chose the itty-bitty plants, I had to take a few guesses.  Besides the rosemary to be pine trees, I picked a small, low, tiny-leaved plant to be grass-like and something fern-like for each girl’s garden.  The plants weren’t marked as to what they were, or whether they were sun- or shade-loving, so it’s all a guess.  I’ll hope for the best, but at least I’ll know they’re guaranteed miniature this year!!!

I chose the overall plant arrangement, but then let the girls do the decorating.  KD got to pick where she wanted her veggies to go in her garden.  Easy Mac got to help decide where her river would be, then put the river gems down with me.  They had on their kid-size gardening gloves and couldn’t wait to water everything.

Easy Mac's: see the wee shepherd's hook Daddy made with the lantern on it?  And the squinkie gnome?  Beneath the lantern will be Emma's pink tile patio, bench and mini flower pot.
Tomato plants, lettuce and carrots hidden back there.  Isn't that watering can cute?!

So much fun!


Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

I remember making something like this in elementary school. So much fun (I'm sure yours is so much better though!).

Anonymous said...

So cute. We are two steps away from finishing our fairy garden (although, my daughter said fairies are already living in there...a Momma fairy with baby fairies in her belly...)
Great details!

WOM-MOMS said...

Thanks! Check back this week. I've added a couple little things to finish off Easy Mac's, so I will post a new picture.