July 30, 2014

Speedy Shower Scam [on my kids].

Posted by Ethne~

So we've had some issues with the girls taking really long showers (we gave up on baths), pouring shampoo down the drain in the name of research, and so on.  I wouldn't mind it exactly, since everyone enjoys a nice warm shower every once in a while, but they take evening showers, right before bedtime, so we need time to dry hair and chill after showers.

Last night, on the way home from swimming lessons (which are late), I had a brainstorm.  What if we told them their showers had to be timed because they only had 5 minutes of warm water?  Otherwise we'd have to turn the water to cold for their rinse.  Genius.  

I did, and KD asked why we couldn't just turn up the hot water.  [Good question, kid.]  I quickly added that our next-door-neighbor, Pete, is in charge of the hot water switch for the whole neighborhood, so he has to look out for our whole neighborhood getting hot showers.  Shaun added that he talked to Pete, who said that we all had to limit our showers to 3 minutes.


As a part of our parenting technique 123Magic, one of the things we do to get behaviors we want done ("start behaviors" as opposed to "stop behaviors", like whining), sometimes we time them [eating, cleaning] with a kitchen timer.  So we got out the timer and set it to 3 minutes.

They were very speedy showers indeed.

A much better use of water, Easy Mac: tea party!

I should remind to tell Shaun to clue Pete into this scam, though, as I wouldn't put it past the girls to straight up ask him about the water valve.


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