December 19, 2011


Posted by Lori~

This is the week!  I can’t believe it!  Christmas is almost here.  And both Ethne and I have BIG PLANS!  My family is actually headed to Disney World and I hope to do a few reports from Orlando….but I may be too busy and will have to update you when I return!  I can’t wait.

However, this past weekend…Mur-Man met Santa (the real deal) at Steve’s parent’s place.  You see…his step-mom Patsy grew up with a tradition.  Santa would always come.

And so she decided to start a tradition for Mur-Man.  She did a quick google search and found the perfect Santa costume…asked a friend to stop by (of course Stan our elf was also there), and he came!

And Mur-Man’s reaction was perfect.  ”Santa, come on in!”

Mur-man wasn't too sure when Santa got too close!
And so the tradition starts and Mur-Man has his first photo with the Claus!

Here's what we had for dinner...steak and lobster...DELICIOUS!

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