December 16, 2011


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Sometimes, Lori and I are complete space cadets. 

Does anyone even use the term ‘space cadet’ anymore?  I’ve always thought it was a trendy word for ‘fruitcake’ or ‘airhead’.  Am I wrong?  Does use of this word totally pidgeonhole me into the ‘80’s and ‘90’s?

At any rate, we are not the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree when it comes to fueling our vehicles.  Advanced degrees yes, common sense, no.

So Lori called me last night while driving, saying her fuel light was on and she needed to get gas stat.  She said she’d been driving around with the fuel light on for a couple of days.  I told Shaun this and he rolled his eyes and said (figuratively) that he’d kick my a$$ if I did that.

Lori called not a minute later and said that she had, in fact, run out of gas, but that she and Steve were able to roll into a parking lot.  Ha!  Imagine my cackle at this.  Luckily Lori's good friend Justine was available to help. A trip to the gas station, a gas can, and they were off.

We used a LOT of gas dragging main back in the day!
Then on my way to work this morning, lo and behold, my car was on ‘E’!  I figured I could make it the 21 miles to work and get gas on my lunch break.  This was probably a dumb idea.  Halfway there, my gas light came on.

I immediately called Shaun and Lori.  Lori thought it was genius and Shaun said he’d kick my a$$ in a tone of ‘I’m really disappointed in you’.  I wasn’t about to be upset by his disappointment since I thought it was HILARIOUS.  Mostly because I was able to make it to a gas station.

Shaun reminded me that if you let your gas tank get below a quarter a tank in cold MN/ND winters, your gas tank could freeze and then you couldn’t drive at all.  I swore that the whole year ‘round I never let it get below a half tank.  I may or may not have had my fingers crossed behind my back.

The moral of the story, Friends, is that there is no excuse for running out of gas.  The fact that Lori and I both did this within a 24-hour period is AWESOME though.  That’s why we call ourselves RIOT GIRLS!

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