December 5, 2011


Posted by Lori~

Ethne was in my little city, ND town this weekend to celebrate my son’s birthday and WE COULD NOT GET TOGETHER WITHOUT DOING A CRAFT (I so miss Ethne today…I wish we lived closer!)

Both Ethne and I had been eyeing awesome large letters (for your wall) made out of wine corks…we are both total WINOS so it was simple!  DECISION DONE!

First up, cut your letter.  We ended up using bulletin board backing wood (sort of a plywood consistency) and Steve was able to cut the letters.

My "L" is a simple curves!
Next up place, cut, create your wine corks so they make a unique pattern.  We opted to go with placing them different ways, different cuts, etc. to create lots of dimension and we both agreed—WE L.O.V.E. them.

Then hot glue them down.  SUPER SIMPLE!  SUPER EASY!  SUPER CRAFTY!  And I still have lots of leftover wine corks (Ethne does too).  A great gift idea!

We still need to attach a hook to the back to hang them on the wall.


Melisa said...

I still have a huge bag of wine corks, some of which you helped me collect, Lori! I need to make this!

Anonymous said...

You should enter this in the DIY Design Challenge over at!!!