December 30, 2011

MINI: Shaun's Bella Shirt

Posted by Ethne~

Remember my Bella shirt fix from this post?  I cut down the neckline to make the shirt more comfortable - so I'd actually wear the shirt that Bella wore in the first Twilight movie (kinda sorta).

Edward, my love
How could Edward NOT fall in
love with that face?!?

Remember how my thumbs stuck out?


Well, I took this incognito pic of Shaun.  He wasn't aiming to have a Bella shirt, but this old t-shirt of his has the sleeve cuffs ripping off and somehow he put his thumbs through - just like my Bella shirt!

Aren't Shaun and I MFEO?
(Made For Each Other)

Ha!  I hope you don't read this post, Hon.

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Bella T Shirts said...

dun worry:)
be happy!
imaginations have no boundaries and edward is your real life hero in your imaginations!