December 21, 2011


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The other day I was just jonesing for alfredo sauce.  Traditionally I would’ve only thought this was a jar or fancy-restaurant option, but then I learned.  It’s the biggest secret out there besides the fact that you get hemorrhoids when you’re pregnant.

Another well-kept secret: you will be DEAD TIRED

Have you noticed that no one gives you warning about those things before you get pregnant.  No, that’s a SURPRISE.  Like when we found out we were having twins.  That was a SURPRISE too.  I wouldn’t be shocked if that didn’t give Shaun a hemorrhoid right there.  Heart attack more like.

Anyway, here’s what ya need:

Parmesan cheese, grated – about 1-2 cups grated (or one bag of the pre-shredded kind – I buy the block of parmesan – way cheaper to shred it yourself!)
Cream – I used heavy whipping cream though half & half would be fine
Butter and/or olive oil
White wine

Using a mix of butter and oil (I often use them together.  The butter tastes awesome; olive oil prevents it from burning.  When you’re using heavy whipping cream in a recipe, there’s no point in quibbling over butter usage) I sautéed the crushed garlic (I use my garlic press, and fresh is preferable, but you could use the jarred kind) till the house smells nice ‘n’ garlicky.  [Personally, I wouldn’t want it to drive the vampires away – I want to lure Edward, not turn him off.]

Mine.  All mine.

Don’t let the garlic burn.

When you’re satisfied it’s a nice light golden brown in the butter, sprinkle about 2T of flour into the pan and stir it around till the flour is covered with butter/oil.  Just a minute.  The flour will help thicken the sauce FYI.

Wearing my Bella shirt - got flour on it of course

Now add about 1-2 cups of white wine.  I never really measure.  If I had to say, I used closer to 2 cups than 1.  It should sizzle as the pan deglazes.  Allow the wine/garlic to come to a light simmer again and add the cream.  I’d say about 1 cup of cream.

Wine added

Turn your burner to medium-low.

Allow the cream mixture to come to a light bubble, then take small handfuls of the cheese and stir each handful (individually) into the creamy sauce until it’s fully melted.  Then do the next handful.  And so on till the cheese is all used. 

Cream added
In my case, I decided that I wanted a little more cheese flavor, so I added extra (I could do this since I have the block to grate – and I also grated a piece of skin off my thumb but I ensured we didn’t eat it) shredded parmesan.

Cheese added and creamy

If you think the sauce is too thick, add a little more wine or cream.  Adjust all the ingredients till it tastes just right.  If it's runny, sprinkle in a tich more flour.

We served the alfredo sauce with chicken, zucchini and angelhair pasta.  DALISH!  And easy, right?  You can totally do this and trust me, it’s better than Olive Garden could ever do (tho I’ll give them credit for their salad – darn good).

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