December 4, 2011


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WOW!  I AM TIRED!  WHAT A WEEKEND!  This weekend was jam-packed with family, friends, fun, and of course Mur-Man’s second birthday party.

I can't believe he is TWO!
I am exhausted!  But it was all worth it.  I cannot express how blessed I feel today!  Mur-Man is one lucky boy.  And I am one lucky momma!

So this week…expect lots of WOM-MOM posts about Mur-Man’s angry bird party.  MISSION SUCCESS!

First up, we needed a menu that was FULL of Angry Bird food…of course a quick trip through pinterest and I discovered a dessert that looked like bacon and eggs.  PERFECTION!

The only supplies needed are white chocolate chips, yellow M & Ms, and stick pretzels.  Of course my mom and my nephew J were in town and willing to help!  AWESOME!

You do have to split your M &Ms!

ONLY 3 supplies--AWESOME!
First up melt your white chocolate.  DO THIS VERY SLOWLY!  I learned my lesson by burning the first batch in the microwave.  Do it very slowly (like 15 second intervals) and stir in-between.  Drop by the spoon-full onto wax paper.

J and Mom "making eggs"
Put in your yellow M & M (design down), break a pretzel in half and stick.  Let cool and remove once hard.

Steve made the carmel apple pigs!  LOVE THEM!
They were hit—YUMMY!  SIMPLE!  LOVE IT!

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