December 16, 2011


Posted by Lori~
So…Steve and I are totally blessed.  Basically we spend and have spent NOTHING on clothes for our Mur-Man because Steve’s cousin gives us all of her son’s clothes.  And let me tell you they are in perfect condition and she has FAB-U-LOUS taste!
Let’s just say we have the mother -load of kid’s clothes (like Mur-Man has over 40 pairs of pants!).  (This is perfect for my total hatred of laundry—the less frequently it needs to be done!)
And so, I knew I needed an organizational system.  And so comes the giant zip-lock bags.  GIANT!

They work great…I can label them, I can see through them, and I can sort them.

In addition, I keep one basket in Mur-Man’s in-closet storage area just for clothes Mur-Man has outgrown.  When it is full…I move them into the zip-lock bag organized by size.

It works perfect…and is especially ready for baby #2 (not preggers…I promise).  However, Ethne and I have a plan (OK…I have a plan).  I will have a girl…she will have a boy (I am trying to convince her to do this sooner than later) and we will swap clothing.  PER-FECTION!

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