August 30, 2013

Study Finds Tooth Fairies are Splurging - See SHAUN.

Posted by Ethne~

Remember here when I made the girls tooth fairies, and commented about how my mom thought their heads were too small so I'd probably have to make up for it by having the tooth fairy give the girls extra money for their teeth?

Shaun COMPLETELY agreed with the logic.

Anyway, apparently I was right all along in my reasoning, seeing as the national trend is an increase in the tooth fairy's giving per tooth.  You can read the article here.  

While the study by Visa found that Midwestern tooth fairies are stingiest, there is nonetheless a nationwide uptick in the money left under pillows in exchange for those precious baby teeth.

See SHAUN, you may have thought I made no sense at the time but that's just because the study hadn't been published yet.

I am fairly certain, though, that our tooth fairy will not be leaving crisp fifties.  Just a hunch.

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day, Friends!  Seeing as my birthday is next week, I take it as an opportunity to adopt Labor Day weekend as my own holiday since it sometimes falls on actual Labor Day.  Also logic Shaun COMPLETELY agrees with resigns himself to.  

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