August 21, 2013


Posted by Lori~

I am in the middle of move-in week at the college!  IT'S CRAZY BUSY, BUT EXCITING!

I am taking a quick trip back to my summer vacay in Devil's Lake, ND, and our quick road trip to Hampden, ND.  My mom grew up on a farm there.

I love my grandparent's farm (it's filled with memories).  Their house has a TON OF POTENTIAL, and I would love to MOVE IT to a lake lot someday.  It would be amazing!

Grandma and Grandpa's house--it has SO MUCH POTENTIAL!

My Grandpa fell off the barn roof (feet first) and broke both of his heels.  

Mom and Aunt Judy!  The house needs some paint, but I still love it!

Lisa and I (not sure what I am pointing at!)

Re-creating the Christmas photos!

The "secret" laundry shoot in the kitchen stairs.

Mom and Aunt Judy in the kitchen (love that salmon color on the wall)

Mur-Man on the stairs.

They look like sisters....

don't they?


Reagen said...

That would make an awesome lake house. Definitely on the "someday" list for you guys ;)

Julie said...

Fun to see the photos, Lori! I remember the Christmas sweatshirt "Let It Snow" photos...

It is a wonderful house. Lots of fond memories. It's hard to see so many people leaving the area and houses left unused. I've been working on an essay about the house and the visit back home that happened a few weeks before, with the rest of the clan. I'll let you know when I have it ready. You might enjoy it, since you have memories of the house as well.