August 15, 2013

Mr. Clean does it again (and I'm still sick).

Posted by Ethne~

Well, now KD and I are both sick.  Outstanding.

Lori’s hasn’t had a chance to do any blog activities either.

I did think of one quick thing I could tell you.

Shaun and I use those Green Pans, a gift from Thrifty Nana.  They are very nice pots and pans, but if you burn stuff on them, it does not come off. 
TN got our set from QVC, though you can get them at Target - I like not having to worry about teflon rubbing off on my food.

That is, until Shaun tried scrubbing with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  So, if you have dishes you can't get clean, try the magic eraser.  It's AMAZING.  All the brown, burned-on stuff just wipes off.  (NOTE: Follow the directions, as I know the eraser does harm surfaces if it’s used dry; must be used wet.)

They even make them for dishes now - and you know I like Dawn dish soap - if it's good enough for saving animals from oil spills, it's good enough to get gunk off my dishes.

Meanwhile, we’re all going to try to get better.  See you around, pals.

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