September 2, 2013


Posted by Lori~

It's back to work tomorrow.  Steve and I are back in town after a long weekend at the lake, and we came back with a TON OF VEGGIES!  

Thank you Patsy and Listi (Steve's Dad and Step-Mom) for the delicious veggies right from the garden.

I spent tonight cleaning and cutting them.  And decided to freeze most of them, so that they would keep for the long-haul.

Actually, as I type this post, my hands are ON-FIRE!  The peppers burned my hands and burned my throat.  However, it was worth it because we will have lots of peppers to last through the winter.

I also froze lots of herbs (basil, rosemary, thyme, parsely, and so much more!).

According to Patsy, this is the way to freeze herbs.  You simply break-off the amount needed.

I hope you all had a GREAT long weekend!

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