August 19, 2013


Posted by Steve~

My first wom-jacking! I'm taking over wom-mom today for a short post on UNI! That's right, sea urchin. We had some friends over for sushi a little while ago and I thought I'd try my hand at the preparing the spiny little bastards for raw consumption. They were shipped live from Catalina seafood in California, and I had the (dis)pleasure of cracking them open while they were still ungulating about.

I didn't get before photos, but you get the picture. The spoons were placed back to back in the center of the belly (mouth) of these wee-beasties. Apply a little pressure and the they crack open down the middle.

There really isn't much on the inside of a sea urchin, but you have to carefully extract the Uni, egg sacs, without breaking them or bringing too much of the other parts along for the ride.

I used the spoons also to retrieve the Uni and placed the pieces in an ice bath. Gordon Ramsey would not approve of washing the Uni before eating, but each to his own.

I placed the Uni on top of little sushi battleships. A delicious delicacy. (Actually, I don't think anybody at the party really liked it - but it was a fun experience!)
 According to Lori, the rest of the sushi (besides the Uni) was delicious!

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Ethne @ Wom-Mom said...

Steve, I give you loads of credit for even trying that! I'm not a picky eater, but you and Lori are amazing tasters!