September 13, 2012

No thankyouverymuch.

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My sweet hubby Shaun’s birthday is today, but he doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday (nut-job!), so I can’t do a full HAPPY BIRTHDAY post to my sweet husband (Happy Birthday Baby!!).  Having our birthdays so close together does make me think of how time has flown since we’ve been together, but especially since we had the girls – almost 5 years ago!

I love this picture of Shaun and the monsters.  I just think *monster* comes across so well.

KD put a fine point on that today, repeatedly.

This morning she got herself dressed in a varietal of colors and patterns.  I usually allow the girls to dress themselves, so that when I want them to wear what I’ve picked out, it makes my request easier to handle (sometimes you’d think asking them to wear what I want is like asking them to burn all their toys).  With as much flair as the little diva could muster, she said to me: “Today at school, stylish.  Say it Mom, stylish.”  Me (deadpan): “Stylish.” 

When she looked at the picture she said, "Except the red socks".

Tonight after I finished up the dishes, KD handed me her Cinderella play phone and asked me to call her boyfriend, ‘Jeremy’ for her.  His ‘code’ is ‘8181’, she advised.  Roger that.  Now I’m not really a fan of this ‘Jeremy’ fellow.  The last pretend conversation I overheard between KD and ‘Jeremy’ occurred on my birthday and went down like thus: “No, Jeremy, I’m not pregnant, I’m just a kid.”

I've just rung up 'Jeremy'

What?!?  Seriously, where do they get this sh*t?  Talk about a slap in the face to point out that they’re not my little preemies anymore.  I know they are interested in babies right now.  KD’s pre-school teacher is pregnant, and they recently asked Grandpa Paul if he had a baby in his tummy (safe there); and this morning they asked if it hurt when the doctor cut them out of my tummy.  Friends, I am not prepared for these conversations.  They have already asked where babies come from and Shaun and I have given them every answer short of the birds and the bees talk.  I’m no prude, but I don’t want to have that chat yet with my little angels.

Don't let the sweet face beguile you!  She's sweet, 4 sho.  And hell on wheels.
Look at that face.  You can see the mischief in her eyes!  She was plotting the second the doctor pulled her out of me.
The prettiest babies I've ever seen.  I wish I could go back and hold them for 5 more minutes.

Oh, and just in case I needed a reminder that each day the girls tick closer to teen-dom, they divested me yesterday of my car.  Yep, as I was walking out to my car for work, rifling through my purse for my keys, I COULD NOT FIND THEM ANYWHERE.  I searched for 45 minutes until I finally had to sit down for a breath because I felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack or something, which is very unlike me.  I looked everywhere.  Except where they actually were.  I ultimately worked from home because there was no finding my keys without the girls’ help.  And what happened within 5 minutes of them getting home from pre-school?  Yes, we found them under the downstairs couch behind some other small toys.  Huh.  So that’s a little sneak preview of what it’ll be like when we, overnight, add two more drivers to the household ~ holy sh*t, that’s only 11 years away now!

Well, Friends, enjoy your Friday.  I am going to enjoy my Friday with my hubby, bearing in mind that we’ll never be as young again as we are exactly right now.  And let us say a quick WOM prayer: “Dear God, Please let us be like Betty White when we turn 90.  She’s awesome.  Amen.” 

{I am not even thanking myself for writing this post.  I think I just gave myself another wrinkle.  Or a hemorrhoid, thankyouverymuch.}

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