July 5, 2012

Adventures in Sunless Tanning #3

Posted by Ethne~

One of our Beauty Parlor treatments this 4th of July was an application of golden glow via Too Faced's liquid bronzer called Royal Oil.  It is awesome.  Check out the link to their site here to read a little more about it. 

Naturally, Whit and I have scary white legs again this year.  My arms aren't too bad because I've been out in the yard, but my legs are terrifying as ever.  See?  Something needed to be done stat.  Being Too Faced junkies these days, we thought we'd try it out.  I have no problem using sunless tanning products rather than actually suntanning, especially now that the laugh lines in my face are starting to show.  Ugh.  So Royal Oil is up to bat.

Our legs are so white they hurt the eyes!

Royal Oil smells tropical, like coconut and pineapple, but isn't too strong to overwhelm your perfume.  It contains extract from the mangosteen fruit.  I am not really familiar with the mangosteen, but it is super rich and moisturizing.

Remember my sunless tanning adventures last year?  Oy.  The first is the sunless tanning spray where I followed the directions and got super streaky because I didn't rub it in? {Check the Glamour tab for the links to those posts!}  Benefit - once you rub it in the tan will stay for about 2 days.  It's also relatively inexpensive, at least the Neutrogena brand I used, plus coupon.

This is my golden glow last 4th of July

The other tan option I tried last year was on the 4th of July - Whit applied bronzing lotion onto me.  Once we got it rubbed in, I looked great.  Super tan.  But that was once. we. got. it. rubbed. in.  It took forever to massage into my skin and make even.  I may as well have used the spray tan and waited for it to turn my skin color.

The beauty of Royal Oil is that it rubs in super easily with the texture that is slightly thicker than baby oil.  It comes out of the bottle looking darker than you want, but evens out really nicely, and if you want to go a little darker, just rub in a little more.  Your legs will be shimmery and moisturized.  You don't need to use any other lotion beforehand.

We gave it a few minutes and then went on about our days.  The Royal Oil did not come off on our clothes.  After an afternoon of sweating in the 100 degree sun, I did have some beading of sweat in my cleavage where I applied Royal Oil.  I did not want to get the bronze color on my white shirt and bra (my third change of clothes in the day), so I wiped it off, but my clothes stayed fine.  Cool, huh?

I feel like we achieved a full golden glow, besides the 100 degree heat.

I am super pleased.  At $35, I wouldn't wear this bronzer every day.  It would be more for weekends, parties, going out, Girls Trip (1 week away!!!), but it is so worth it.  You use so little in one application - it's an oil, so it spreads out generously - that one bottle will last the whole summer.   

As with any tan, Friends, just don't go too dark or you'll turn into Tan Mom and have to wear mini white hair bows.

Shaun keeps asking what I'm laughing at

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