September 20, 2012


Posted by Lori~

I am always looking for a deal on K-Cups for my Keurig Machine.  I, like many Keurig owners, refuse to use a pod more than once.  I like my coffee strong!

Recently, I was having coffee with a couple of girfriends and we were discussing how to find the best deal on K-Cups, when my girlfriend Karla filled me in on a brilliant plan.

She, like me, has a Kohl’s card.  The Kohl’s card=coupons in the mail ALL THE TIME!  Often up to 30% off your purchase, etc.
Karla says she purchases her K-Cups online when she receives a coupon and thus gest up to 30% off the purchase price!
With this deal--you would be looking at just over $10.00 for 16 cups!
And...of course, I go for the Starbucks, but there are MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE options!
That’s a deal!  I plan to try this next time.  WOMS—have you found a better deal on K-Cups?  PLEASE SHARE!

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