July 4, 2012


Posted by Lori~

That’s right…Steve and I were at a wedding in Wisconsin this past weekend and even had a chance to spend a night at Ethne and Shaun's place!  IT WAS AWESOME!  And of course, we could NOT leave the Twin Cities without a trip to IKEA!

We were on a mission to look at bathroom shelving (SCORE!) and a new bathroom vanity (which with my awesome shelving I am actually rethinking the vanity all together).

Shelves are installed and I am in LOVE.  Photos soon I promise!

But as we were traveling through the aisles—Steve (that’s right…Steve) saw a large sign encouraging people to "join the IKEA FAMILY"!  NO CATCH AND SAVINGS!  And you get free coffee and tea!

There was a computer in the store that you sign-up on!!!  SUPER SIMPLE!

I am IN…and am now a member.  Not only that, but as you cruise through IKEA you will see price-tags with regular price (IKEA family price—CHEAPER).
I love IKEA and being thrify at IKEA (EVEN BETTER)!
One example of an email that I received after becoming a "member"

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