July 11, 2012

GIRLS TRIP '12 - Here we come!

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Amazingly, Girls Trip has rolled around again!  It’s my favorite weekend of the whole year!  Much fun will be had, many secrets will be shared, and, this year, two new blessings will be toasted…

No, not Theodore's two toes...

That’s right!  Two of us – Grizz and TC are expecting kiddos – the first child for each of them!  And this is the first time any of us has been preggers for Girls Trip.  We won’t let it slow us down any, and since we all had enough fun in college to give our respective parents a few gray hairs apiece, we will be just fine with the kiddie cocktails.  :)

Grizz, far left, is due in November; TC (in ivory) is due in January - this pic was last summer at TC's wedding reception where I was trying to steal Steph's brand new baby E who's now already one!!

What’s planned?  We have a cabin again this year, so we will cook egg bake and cinnamon rolls for ourselves, and one evening we will cook dinner together ‘in’.  We will head out shopping one afternoon, which will include our annual trip to the grocery store which we look forward to – going grocery shopping with your girlfriends, what’s better??  And, we are going to take a riverboat dinner cruise on Friday night. 

TC nominated grillmaster by majority vote.  She did great!
That's last year's egg bake - this year we have our eyes set on something that cooks faster...

Naturally I will be applying all of my new Whit (my sister) and Kalina (celebrity make-up artist) skills on my bffs and we’ll look like a million bucks.  It will be Too Faced Cosmetics Central in Stillwater, MN, this weekend, Friends – I’m crazed.

Whit and I have been exchanging serious glamour tips to prepare me.

I can’t wait!  If Lori and I have a wi-fi connection at the cabin, maybe we’ll do a mini post tomorrow, but I can’t say for sure.  We could be in the middle of applying false eyelashes.  Toodles!

You didn't think I was joking, did you?

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