July 17, 2012


Posted by Lori~

As you know, Ethne and I just came back from a fabulous weekend in Stillwater, MN with some GREAT friends.  It was relaxing and of course tons of FUN!  LOTS OF CATCHING UP….AND TONS OF FACEBOOK CREEPING!

So, as I think back on this marvelous weekend…I thought it was fitting to start with a photo overview of our awesome weekend!  GREAT times!  WOMS—EVERYONE NEEDS A WEEKEND AWAY WITH SOME GREAT GIRLFRIENDS!

And…Stillwater is a WONDERFUL CITY!

All week, Ethne and I will be posting about food cooked and lessons learned!  Stay tuned!
These girls had a surprise baby shower!
Ethne working and teaching her make-up magic!
Teresa looks GORGE!!!!

A night out on the boat cruise!

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