April 16, 2012


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I don’t think there’s anything worse than packing.  The only motivation I have, whatsoever, is that the end result is unpacking everything in a new house


That’s right, Shaun, the kiddos and I are moving to a completely gutted and re-modeled rambler not too far away in our big city MN suburb.  I’m really excited that the girls will each have their own room, they’ll have a full area for their playroom, we have a fenced backyard and I even get a craft nook!

This is us being super excited

Of course I will put the girls in their Sunday
best clothes for hard playing in the back yard
Roller skates from the Easter Bunny can be used
Theodore is excited about getting a new collar!

Since packing is bad enough, I am thrilled to report that Shaun has agreed to PAY to have our carpets and everything else professionally cleaned (at our condo) since we’ll be renting it out.  You all are well aware how much Lori and I hate cleaning.  The cost for top-to-bottom cleaning is less than I expected and, to be honest, every penny is worthwhile.  It’s the $ value of my time which I can spend unpacking at the new house and not scrubbing at the condo.  My time is valuable!

But this isn’t the only exciting news (the moving part, not the crummy packing part).

Remember back from my ‘Final Frontier’ post (here) where I talked about how I don’t care for my bedroom furniture?  Well, a good WOM-MOM Follower, and fellow blogger, Kirsti from Living in Lovely Lalaland, suggested that I paint it.  I’ve never been a huge white furniture fan but let me just say, it’s GROWN on me.

See the dark furniture under that mess?
There's the dark furniture after the mess was mostly removed.

Also, there are a few benefits.  1) We don’t have to drop the moola to buy a completely new bedroom set.  2) Light furniture brightens up a space and really makes things open and airy.  3) I have delegated the actual sanding and painting to Shaun.  (I’ll help as much as he’ll allow, but I usually just get in his way when we’re painting.  Maybe I’ll find something I can spray paint.  I have a few things in mind.)

The other exciting news is that the girls and I planted their seeds for plants to put in their fairy garden.  Since it’s too early to put plants in potters outside in MN, getting seeds going in the house is a great idea.  There’s nothing better than having a task to do on a Sunday morning (besides packing – blech), and the girls thought their Disney Princess pink greenhouses were just the cat’s meow.

I’ll touch base again on this again soon.  In the meantime, check out our Pinterest page for my pin on making a fairy garden (it's on the 'Kids' board).  Sooooo cute.  And I’ll give you a step-by-step breakdown of the furniture painting.  Shaun’ll love me hanging over his shoulder with the camera.

Yeah Spring!

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Reagen said...

If I lived closer I'd let you borrow my rubbermaid containers for packing. I've moved so often in the last decade it was just easier all around to invest in them and now I have 75+!