April 3, 2012


Posted by Lori~

You probably are seeing a pattern…I have spring on my mind!  The weather is GORGEOUS!  I am lovin’ it!

And with spring comes spring cleaning (at least I grew up with spring cleaning).  As you know, Steve and I have hard wood floors and we LOVE our steam mop.  Ethne swears by the Haan Duo Steam Mop and I do like my Bissel Steam Mop.

The problem is that the mop came with two steam mop pads (and of course, I have misplaced one).  And that leaves me with one.  And, you guessed it, I HATE laundry, so it really doesn’t work very well.

I had a plan to make my own mop pad…I hit my stash and found fleece.  PERFECT!  And, I am saving money!

I simply traced the original disgusting pad and created a pattern.

I then cut the fabric out as well as a 2½ inch strip.  From there, I sewed the strip to the pattern base.

I then folded down the strip and sewed to create a pocket for my elastic. I then threaded it through.

And, it works perfect.  Total cost under $3.00!  And I plan to make more!

The pad in ACTION!

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