April 13, 2012


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Wow!  I don’t know what is going on, but this has been a super sick year in my house.  Actually, the doctors say that it could be due to an unusually warm winter.  People are actually healthier when it is cold outside, because it KILLS bacteria.  Mur-Man is doing great, but I came down with some serious sickness this week that has knocked me out!  The fever was out of control, but finally the antibiotics are dong their job and I am somewhat on the mend.  I am still running a fever, but feeling a million times better.  Let’s hope that this is the end of it.

We did lots for Easter and I wanted to highlight it all for you WOMS.  I actually made most of Mur-Man’s Easter items….and the total cost was $4.00 (because I had most if at home).

First up, I made homemade playdough.  Seriously, it is super easy…and seems to last a lot longer.  You will never buy playdough again!

Supplies needed are:
1 cup water
1 cup flour
2 tsp. cream of tartar (I had to purchase this spice—not in my cupboard)
1/3 cup salt
1 T. vegetable oil
food coloring

The steps are super easy.  First up, mix up all the ingredients in a pot besides the food coloring.  Once mixed, heat up the mixture. 

Add your desired food coloring.  Then, keep stirring until it begins to turn into a play dough consistency.  I found that it needs to keep cooking until it is NO LONGER STICKY!

It’s awesome!

You can also mix the color in better with your hands if it is still warm
Next up, I made Mur-Man a homemade memory game.  I had seen lots of ideas on Pinterest and loved that I could CRASH MY FABRIC STASH.  I simply cut out matching squares of fabric.  I then zigzagged them onto cotton material (a consistent color).  From there I sewed the cotton fabric to a fleece fabric wrong sides together.  This required no hand-sewing, no turning, etc. 

The basket is ready for Easter morning.
Mur-Man loves the game.  For now we are doing mostly matching, but soon we will play memory.

And of course with Easter comes Easter egg dying.  My Mother-In-Law saw on Rachel Ray that you can dye eggs using an egg beater.  And it worked great.

And finally we capped off Easter weekend on the four-wheeler.  Mur-Man’s first ride.

We were being safe!  In this shot they are not moving...Mur-Man loved it!

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