April 9, 2012

I (don’t) WANT SUSHI!

Posted by Lori~

First, I have to apologize.  I had planned to post last night, but came down with a stomach bug.  I think it was coincidental, but Steve and I both ate sushi and I got sick.  I have a feeling I won’t be feelin’ Sushi anytime soon.

We actually were headed home from a wonderful Easter weekend with family and stopped off in Big City, ND to pick up Steve and my fav (SUSHI!).

We love it…and we are thrilled to report that Mur-Man loved it to.  This is big news in our family.

Actually, when Steve and I were on our honeymoon in Venice Beach, CA, we hit a sushi restaurant (we also had a celebrity encounter) and while there, there was an ADORABLE 4-year-old eating sushi. Not only that, but she was using her own chopsticks.  Steve and I both said, “We hoped that our “future” kids would do the same someday”.

And our Mur-Man did it.  (Chopsticks will come later!)  He ate my favorite, the Philadelphia Roll, with cream cheese and salmon.  He also ate raw tuna, raw swordfish.  He loved it.

And I am happy to report that he isn’t sick either. I am feeling better today…no more “sick like Grandma” feeling. 

Thank goodness for Eater Monday.  While taking care of my tummy, I spent part of today watching the movie “The Descendants”.  A MUST WATCH! LOVED IT!  You will laugh, you will cry, you will LOVE IT WOMS!

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JenPK said...

Precisely why I don't eat Sushi anymore. I got sick too many times and I just can't trust it anymore. I do like it though.