April 26, 2012


Posted by Lori~

It’s that time…time to start preparing the garden.  I have no intention to actually plant anything yet, because in ND it can freeze one day and be 90 degrees the next.  Very unpredictable!

We decided last year to plan a garden and installed old railroad boards and dirt.  Loved it, but they shifted.

That's a wide shot of the back of our lawn!  I LOVE OUR YARD!
That’s where Steve’s plan came into play.  It was time to level and install brackets and the best part was my dad (Handy G-Pa) was in town to assist.

They moved the dirt, they drilled in brackets, and it seemed to work perfect.

I of course spent the next few days pulling weeds and preparing the dirt.

But one thing is growing…my rhubarb plant and I am excited.

And the lawn is looking GREAT…thanks to rain and Steve’s attention to detail!  LOVE IT!

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