April 9, 2012


Posted by Lori~

I think we have a great house…I basically love everything about it.  I love charm and I love my stucco bungalow!  But, with an old house (1930’s) comes issues and projects. 

We live in North Dakota and of course we have snow and we have ice jams on our roofs.  Ice jams=roof leaks.  And we had a roof leak (not an actual dripping leak, but a stain on our living room ceiling).  This happened last winter and we decided time TO GET THIS DONE!  DECISION DONE!

Easter Monday=get projects DONE!   And, so Steve decided to tackle stage one of stain removal.

First up we had to cut away the damaged ceiling and remove the damaged insulation. 

Next up, we will be sheetrocking and of course mudding.  And then, we will bring in the can of texture.  The goal will be to make the new ceiling look the same as the old and we (including guests) will not know that a patch has happened.

This was a messy project…basically I (and Steve) were covered in a cloud of dust! 

Covered in plastic and waiting for the weekend to finish up this project!
But it was worth it.  This weekend we will tackle stage 2 and of course there will be updates.

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