February 12, 2012


Day Nine

Posted by Ethne~

This is the first year that the girls will exchange Valentines with their classmates at pre-school.  We were told to send them with Valentines and the Valentine box like we did when we were kids!  I was so excited!

So today Shaun and I wrapped cereal boxes in pink wrapping paper.

Mail slots cut and ready
mini triangles and ribbon for the teensy banner

I made a teensy-tiny pennant banner out of scraps and super fine pink ribbon on the sewing machine.

Isn't that the cutest little pennant banner?

We picked out foam letters for their names and I let them put all the stickers they wanted on.

Pre-sticker application

I had them sign their names on each Valentine.  Naturally, I picked out Glee Valentines for Easy Mac and Twilight Valentines for KD.  Absolutely adorable.

Let's just say an Edward Valentine and a Finn-Puck-Sam Valentine each made
themselves into my hands for probable Mod Podge use.

For the family’s Valentines, I had the girls make purple paint handprints onto white paper, with their hands molded into a heart shape.  I put a red heart in the middle of each that says ‘BE MINE’.  Then they signed their names on the inside.  I think they’re so cute.

So those are our Valentines for this year!  Lots of hands-on activities with the girls.  Keeps ‘em busy and we all had fun!  Especially for Shaun with those Glee and Twilight Valentines.  He LOVED those.

Happy Valentine's Day WOMS! xoxo, Ethne

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