February 29, 2012

Teensy Pink Fairies!

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Well, it’s Saturday and Thrifty Nana (my mom) has the kiddos.  The little darlings.  I sure am happy that I can pawn my monsters (a term of endearment; or demolition crew, a term my co-worker coined – HILARIOUS!) off on family sometimes.  I need a break from being mom every once in a while.

The lens cover doesn't automatically open all the way anymore;
I can only assume the demo crew had some hand in this.
We luuuuuv to dress ourselves.

Today, I took my freedom as an opportunity to do something for my kids.  I haven’t made any crafts lately, so I was due.  I bought a little teensy beaded fairy kit at one of my local bead shops here in big city.  I planned on putting it in the girls’ Valentine’s envelopes from the cupid fairy, but I didn’t make these in time. [Instructions for making those envelopes here.]

Fairies have kinda become our thing.  The girls’ room became a fairy haven – remember here when I made their curtain from a Tinkerbell shower curtain?  Then this September, Shaun’s folks and we took the girls to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  Aside from Emma getting lost for 20 minutes, causing my near meltdown, and then my renewed belief in humanity when a nice person returned her to us; I don’t even know her name, but GOD BLESS HER ~ we had fun otherwise.  The girls’ favorite part was meeting their favorite fairy, Twig.  Grandma D bought them fairy catchers there, and we bought a door for the base of a backyard tree where a fairy can make her home.  Magical.

The kit came together with instructions and materials.  Super convenient, but not super cheap at $8.95.  I’m not sure if you can make one of these fairies cheaper by getting materials on your own, but I’m pretty sure you can.

BECAUSE I do not see any copyright protection on the instructions, I’ll tell you about this in detail so you can make your own (sorry my pictures aren't the greatest).  You will TOTALLY want to.  They’re pretty much the cutest things ever.  If I don’t give in and give them to the girls earlier, I think they’ll arrive in the girls’ Easter baskets.

She holds her fairydust pail

Here’s what you need (if you don’t know what all of these things are, ask a person at your local bead shop or Michael’s/JoAnn’s):

3 – 2” pieces of craft wire
1 – headpin
1 – 3mm bicone crystal (a/k/a Swarovski crystals)
4 – 4mm bicone crystal
1 – 6mm pearl
1 – 4mm beadcap
1 – 5mm beadcap
1 – 8mm beadcap
1 – glass flower bead
1 – set wings
1 – 4mm round crystal
seed beads
round nose pliers
wire cutters

I suggest you match up your crystals, flower bead and seed beads so they all coordinate.  My crystals are pink and the seed beads are shimmery white.

Part 1 – Create the Legs

a.  Using one of the 2” pieces of craft wire, turn (with the round nose pliers) a small “P” loop by just rolling the wire and not making a 90 degree bend first (Fig. A)

b.  Bead on a 4mm bicone bead and then 10 seed beads. (Fig. B)

Figures A-E

c.  Bend wire to a V shape. (Fig. C)

The 'v' of the legs and also the arms, see below

d. Bead on 10 seed beads and then a 4mm bicone.  (Fig. D)

e.  Turn a small “P” loop ( with the round nose pliers) and trim wire with your wire cutters.

Part 2 – Create the Arms

f.  Using another one of the 2” pieces of craft wire, turn a small “P” loop by just rolling the wire and not making a 90 degree bend first. (See Fig. A)

g.  Bead on a 4mm bicone and 7 seed beads. (See Fig. B)

h.  Make a loop in the wire. (Fig. E)

i.  Bead on 7 seed beads and then a 4mm bicone.

j.  Turn a small “P” loop and trim with wire cutters.

Part 3 – Create the Body

k.  Using one of the 2” pieces of craft wire, turn a “P” loop (See Fig. A)

l.  Open loop and attach the center of the legs then close “P” loop. (Fig. F)

m.  String on glass flower, 5mm beadcap, wings, arms, pearl, 6mm beadcap and 3mm crystal.  (Fig. G)

Figures F-H

n.  Turn a loop at the top (wrapped loop, see instructions below) and trim wire.

Part 4 – Fairydust Pot

o.  Put a seed bead, the 4mm round crystal and 4mm beadcap on a wire headpin. (Fig. H)

p.  Make a small wrapped loop.

q.  Open one loop on the arm section (a ‘hand’), attach pot, and close loop.

Wrapped Loop

This is not the easiest part of beading techniques, but with a little practice, you’ll get the hang of it.  Follow the instructions below and you’ll be able to do it well enough to make the cute little fairy secured together.  I found it helpful to have a needle nose pliers as well as the round top pliers.  The needle nose pliers are a little easier to hold things with.

a.  You will need at least an inch of excess wire.  Place your round nose pliers above the bead and make a 90 degree bend.

b.  The position on the nose of the pliers will determine the size of your loop.  The closer to the tip, the smaller the loop.  Use your fingers to wrap the wire up and over your pliers, then pull the wire towards you to create a complete loop.

c.  Use your fingers to wind the wire around the space between the bead and the loop (I struggled getting the wrap tight, but that would get easier with practice).  Trim the excess wire close to the wrap, and press the end in.

Do you think you can do it?  If I put a little thought in and time at the bead store, I think I could come up with the materials for a boy fairy or an elf (like a mini ‘Elf on the Shelf’ – how cute would mini Lyle and Stan elves be???).  I’ve seen angels in little kits like this, but I’m going to try to come up with one of those myself rather than buy a kit. 

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