February 6, 2012


Day 5
Posted by Lori~

Yes, Super Bowl Sunday just happened and guess what I did?  I CRAFTED!  NO JOKE!  MORE ON THIS LATER...

But first, I have to show you what WOM-MOM FOLLOWER AND FRIEND HOLLY whipped up for V-Day!  A-DORABLE!

And super easy to make!  First up, were CUPID’S ARROWS!  All you need are stick pretzels and heart gummy candy (Holly opted for the cinnamon flavor, but you can also find cherry). 

Simply put one heart candy on the end of the pretzel and cut a chunk out of another heart to create the end of the arrow.  Holly packaged them into packs of three with a label.  EASY!  THRIFTY!  AWESOME!

Next up, is Holly’s adorable Valentines featuring SUPER E AND SUPER F!  Holly of course pulled out her Canon Camera and used her awesome camera skills to take a GREAT shot.  She used a piece of PVC pipe to create the “stick of the sucker”.

Check it out!  3-D and AWESOME!

As far Mur-Man this year, his valentine will feature Iron-Man (purchased at a thrift store for 75 cents!)  I know not original, but THRIFTY!  Next year this WOM will need to step it up!

Thanks Holly for all the inspiration!

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