February 2, 2012


Day Three
Posted by Lori~
I will be spending Valentine’s Day with my Steve however, we have some big plans to hit Big City, MN next weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!  This “10 DAYS OF WUV” post is a tribute to my bestie and WOM-MOM CO-AUTHOR Ethne.  I am so thankful to have her in my life!

Ethne and I at the thrift stores last time I was in Big City, MN!
We need to make this weekend count and CRAM as much WOMMING into it as possible.  And so, Ethne and I have created a MAJOR LIST….here it goes!

1.    Craft—my choice (courtesy of Pinterest)

2.   Craft—Ethne’s choice (courtesy of Pinterest—however, Ethne was already talking about making a new sleep mask(I personally don't use one...but this might have to change)).

3.   Thrift Store shopping!

4.   IKEA!!!!!  I CAN’T WAIT!!!  MY FAVE!!!!!!!!

Mur-Man at IKEA during last year's WOM-WEEKEND!
5.   Coffee and WOM planning

6.   WOM-MOM work…that’s right. Our site needs some TLC and we have plans to make it bigger and better!

7.   The Home Goods store.  I keep reading about how much other bloggers L.O.V.E. Home Goods and I have NEVER stepped foot in Home Goods.  Ethne has promised me a trip to this store!

8.   We have plans to make Ethne’s recent cheesecake discovery.  That is if she can “steal” it!

9.   And of course a night on the town!  I can’t wait (this will be a no-kid weekend for Steve and I)!

Let’s face it…Valentine’s Day isn’t just for our sweeties, but for celebrating friendship and family.  Celebrating our blessings and those people that make life better each and every day!  Thank you friends!  And thank you to our followers!  Ethne and I feel blessed are truly GRATEFUL!

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