February 27, 2012

Mini Recipe: Baked Cheese Bites

Posted by Ethne~

For our all-appetizers meal last Saturday, Mel found a yummy online recipe for 2-ingredient gouda cheese bites – cheese cubes, a little garlic salt, baked into little puff pastry squares. 

Here’s all you do:

Bake little squares of puff pastry (freezer section) or croissant/biscuit dough (refrigerated section) pushed gently into a lightly greased mini muffin pan for 3 minutes at 350°.  Sprinkle the squares with a little garlic salt before baking.  Take out of the oven and push ½” - ¾” size cubes of gouda cheese into each pastry square and bake another 8 minutes till the tops are golden and the insides are gooey and melted.

NOTE: You could use about any type of cheese you want, though cheddar cheese might get a little greasy.

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