February 13, 2012


Day Ten

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It was a pretty exciting weekend!

Whit, Bryan, Bryan’s parents Terry and Judy, and Lori were in town from Georgia, Iowa and North Dakota, respectively.  We hadn’t had our family Christmas together yet.  So, Thrifty Nana put together a whole, big turkey dinner, we took a trip to Costco (x 3) and opened gifts.

Highlights: KD and Easy Mac received a TRAVEL BARBIE DREAM HOUSE that Lori, Whit and I could spend more time playing with than the girls.  At least for now.  I received a helicopter alarm clock that you have to race after and place back onto the clock before the buzzer will stop beeping.  They know me too well.  And Shaun got a package of nothing.  Literally, it says:


You have received the gift of nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  This is the ultimate in minimalism.  Less is more, more or less.

Nothing is precious.  Nothing is simple.  Nothing is sacred.

Open the pack and be enthralled when nothing happens.  Allow nothing to flow through your mind and calm your soul.  Savour the moment.  Soon you’ll discover that nothing really is so much better than something.”

Shaun's nothing!
Flying alarm clock!

Ha!  The family love was abounding.  The most love was radiating around Bryan’s parents’ dog, Penny.  She’s the cutest thing ever.  We all took turns holding her like a baby.  Thrifty Nana’s dog, Bella, spent the whole time stroking out over the fact that another dog was in the house.

And to get us in the real spirit of Valentine’s Day, Whit, Thrifty Nana, the girls and I spent from 9pm to 12:30am on Friday night awaiting the release of the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn DVD release.  We knew we would be able to buy the movie on Saturday, but Target had a limited edition DVD that had a real wisteria silk flower from the wedding set.  H*LL to the YEAH!  Naturally we wouldn’t settle for less.

New installment of my sweet Edward

But that was pretty late at night.  So Whit hoofed across the store to the Target Starbucks and got us each (not the girls duh) a large mocha with a trip shot of espresso.  We didn’t want to get too tired.  Well, we bought our DVDs and went home and stayed up till 3:30am to watch the movie.  Genius, right?  We were so tired Saturday.  As were the girls, but that pretty much just translated into crabby.  Oops.  I think the people at Target thought we were nuts.  We probably are.
The line was twice as long behind us

But there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Edward.  And let me just say that Edward is so gorgeous in this movie.  I’d consider pausing my fave image of him (pick one) for an extended time on our flat screen tv and allow it to burn the image onto the screen.  Shaun would die.

So that’s how we spent Valentine’s Day weekend.  It was great.  I miss everyone already, but at least we are spending the evening together watching Breaking Dawn (Shaun for the 1st time) to wrap it up.  I gotta go… 

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